LESSON PACKS: P6 Secondary School Interview Skills

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Powerpoint includes practice questions, tips, advice, ideas and games (such as Time Bomb and Angry Birds) to prepare P6 children for their secondary school entry interviews. There is also a teacher evaluation form for mock interviews and a 12-page Portfolio/Primer for each student. The booklet includes brainstorm sheets, group tasks and lists of questions which have been asked in previous interviews. All easily editable and adaptable.

See also: ‘Aliens vs. Robots: Interview Skills Questions‘ quiz.

LESSON PACKS: Cross-Cultural Idioms

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A collection of idioms with shared meanings in Chinese and English.

LESSON PACKS: Common English Errors in Hong Kong

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A short review of common mistakes for primary children. See also Wikipedia’s page on Hong Kong English for more examples of first language interference.

SONGS: Early in the Morning (in Hong Kong)

Early in the Morning

Early in Hong Kong, what can I see?
Early in Hong Kong, rushing by me!
I can see the Star Ferry fast and slow,

DRAMA: Chicken Little in Hong Kong


NARRATOR: This is the scary story of Chicken Little. One day, Chicken Little was picking up food on the food. Suddenly, a leaf from a big tree fell on his head!

CHICKEN LITTLE: WAAAHH!! Oh no, the sky is falling, I am going to tell Donald Tsang!

NARRATOR: Off he went. Then he met Henny Penny.

STORIES: The Peak Mouse

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Created by HK-based Australian teacher Thomas Beckett.

These original Powerpoint stories are reproduced with the kind permission of the author. Compatible with Powerpoint 2003 and later – download the free viewer if you do not have access to Microsoft Office.