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Halloween lesson pack including vocabulary items, songs, tongue twisters, jazz chants, stories, a group crafts lesson where children (P2-P3) plan and make a paper plate mask and a pumpkin carving activity with worksheet (P1). Click for an accompanying role-play and song, a drama video and a Ming the Minibus story book.

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DRAMA: The Giant Pumpkin


NARRATOR: We have been reading a story called ‘The Pumpkin Grower’. This is a new story called ‘The Giant Pumpkin’! Once upon a time, there was a boy and a girl who wanted to grow pumpkins for Halloween!

BOY & GIRL: Hello! We love pumpkins! We love gardening!

NARRATOR: So they planted some seeds in the garden.

DRAMA: Halloween


Student 1: When witches are flying. (action: ride broomstick)
Student 2: When skeletons are chasing. (action: chase)
Student 3: When mummies are waking. (action: scary walking)

STORIES: Ming the Minibus and the Halloween Ghost

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Ming the Minibus was created by HK-based Australian teacher Thomas Beckett. Primary learners can follow Ming on his adventures around Hong Kong and the world.

The character has since gone on to star in an EmariToons TV Show – watch him on ATV World, his website or on the Ballooniac blog.

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