LESSON PACKS: Personification Riddles

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 Interactive description activity with group task and worksheet.

GAMES: Super Mario Classroom Blast

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Interactive Powerpoint game template – by Jennifer Yong. 20 question ‘bomb quiz’ template based on the computer game with sounds and music; insert your own questions.

This is an interactive game from the Waygook.org community in South Korea. Click here for more.

A community related to life and teaching overseas, specifically South Korea

The preview above may be corrupt and not render animation/transparency or interactive elements correctly – the downloaded file should, however, work fine. Compatible with Powerpoint 2003 and later – download the free viewer if you do not have access to Microsoft Office. Please contact me if you spot any errors or have copyright claims.

GAMES: Question Word Jeopardy

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Question words Jeopardy game.


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Worksheets and Powerpoint flashcards, a jelly recipe, games, a story and a role-play with accompanying flashcards to cut-out.


P1-P3 version:

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P4-P6 version:

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Christmas vocabulary games – include an interactive Super Mario Classroom Blast (the original template was created by Korean ESL teacher Jennifer Yong). Click the faces to select a question.

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Accompanying printable flashcards below…

GAMES: Monster Hangman

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 Rescue Hong Kong movie star Andy Lau from an untimely death by completing this amusing hangman game.