DRAMA: The Hungry Giant


NARRATOR: The Giant was hungry

GIANT: Make me some soup or Ill hit you with my bommy-knocker

NARRATOR: The people ran for the soup pot.

PEOPLE: The pots too small. Well have to make the soup in a bathtub.

GIANT: Hurry! Hurry! Or youll all get my bommy-knocker!

NARRATOR: Into the tub went some tomatoes. Into the tub went some onions and spices. Then the people made a fire to cook the soup

GIANT: Hurry! Hurry! Hurry!

NARRATOR: There was no more wood for the fire.

PEOPLE: The soups stopped cooking, what will we do? We will get some wood Heres some wood.

NARRATOR: They put the bommy-knocker on the fire. Soon the soup was cooked.

PEPOPLE: Mmmm good!

GIANT: Thats good soup!… Now Ill be on my way Hey, wheres my bommy-knocker?!

EVERYONE: The end! (everyone stands up and takes a bow)