DRAMA: The Giant Pumpkin


NARRATOR: We have been reading a story called ‘The Pumpkin Grower’. This is a new story called ‘The Giant Pumpkin’! Once upon a time, there was a boy and a girl who wanted to grow pumpkins for Halloween!

BOY & GIRL: Hello! We love pumpkins! We love gardening!

NARRATOR: So they planted some seeds in the garden.

BOY: I am very excited, we will have some lovely pumpkins for Halloween!

NARRATOR: They waited and waited for weeks and weeks.

GIRL: Where are the pumpkins? I want to eat them and make some jack-o-lanterns.

NARRATOR: They waited some more. Waiting and waiting. Longer and longer.

BOY: I hope the pumpkins will grow soon! I’m hungry!

GIRL: Let’s go and water the seeds.

NARRATOR: The next day, they woke up and saw a very, very, very, very BIG pumpkin the garden!

BOY: WAAAAAAHHH! I can’t believe it!

GIRL: It is bigger than Mr Tom!

NARRATOR: They ran outside.

BOY: I can’t wait to take it inside! I will try and pull it out… Grrrr… Arrrghhh… HHHmmmm!!!

GIRL: Let me try! … Grrrr… Arrrghhh… HHHmmmm!!!

NARRATOR: They tried and tried to pull the pumpkin out, but it was too big! He needed some help.

BOY: Yes, we need some help.

DOG: WOOF WOOF, I will help you!

NARRATOR: The boy, the girl and the dog pulled and pulled but the pumpkin did not move. They needed some more help.

GIRL: Yes, we need more help.

CAT: MIAOW MIAOW, I will help you!

NARRATOR: They pulled and pulled but it did not move. They needed some MORE help.

DOG: Woof woof, we need more help.

MONKEY: WUUAH-WUUAH! I will help you.

NARRATOR: Again, they pulled and pulled but it did not move. They needed some MORE help.

CAT: Miaow, miaow, we need more help.


NARRATOR: They pulled and pulled and pulled.

MONKEY: Let’s pull together! Count to three!


MOUSE: Squeak-squeak. Wow we got the pumpkin.

BOY & GIRL: Thank you everyone for your help – what a team!

NARRATOR: The boy and girl went to cook the pumpkin. Everyone sat down to a big pumpkin soup.

DOG: Mmmm delicious!

CAT: Mmmmm tasty!

MONKEY: Thank you for the lovely pumpkin!

MOUSE: Do you have any cheese?