DRAMA: The Giant Hot Dog


NARRATOR: Hello, here is our puppet show called The Giant Hot Dog. Once upon a time, there was a lovely cat and dog.

CAT: Hello! I love food I love to eat really bad food like french fries, burgers and hot dogs! I wish I could grow hot dogs in the garden!

DOG: You can grow hot dogs, its easy, you just put them one in the ground and it will grow bigger and bigger!

CAT: Rubbish! Don’t be silly!

DOG: Come, lets try!

NARRATOR: So they went outside and planted a small hot dog in the ground.

CAT: You are crazy, this is a waste of time, nothing will happen!

DOG: Now we must wait!

NARRATOR: They waited and waited and waited. Longer and longer.

DOG: I hope the hot dog will grow soon, Im really hungry.

CAT: Let’s go and water it.

NARRATOR: They watered the hot dog in the garden. The next day, they woke up and saw a very, very, very, very BIG hot dog in the garden!

CAT: WAAAAAAHHH! I can’t believe it!

DOG: HA HA! I told you it would work, it is bigger than Mr Tom!

NARRATOR: They ran outside and tried to pull the hot dog out of the ground.

DOG: I can’t wait to take it inside! I will try and pull it out… Grrrr… Arrrghhh… HHHmmmm!!!

CAT: HA! You are not very strong Let me try! … Grrrr… Arrrghhh… HHHmmmm!!!

NARRATOR: They tried and tried to pull the hot dog out, but it was too big! They needed some help.

DOG: Yes, we need some help!

TIGER: GRR GRR! I am big and strong, I will help you no problem!

NARRATOR: The cat, dog and tiger tried to pull the hot dog out but it didnt work! They needed more help.

GIRL: Yes, we need more help.

HORSE: NEIGH NEIGH! I will help you, I am good at pulling things!

NARRATOR: They all pulled and pulled but it did not move. They needed even MORE help.

CAT: Oh no, we really need some help here!

PIG: OINK-OINK! I am big and fat, I will help you.

NARRATOR: Again, they pulled and pulled but it did not move. And then a little rabbit came along.

RABBIT: SNIFF SNIFF, can I help you?

NARRATOR: They pulled and pulled and pulled.

HORSE: Let’s pull together! Count to three!


MOUSE: SNIFF-SNIFF. Wow we got the hot dog!

CAT & DOG: Thank you everyone for your help – what a team!

NARRATOR: Cat and dog took the hot dog to the kitchen. Everyone sat down to eat a piece, with lots of ketchup

RABBIT: Mmmm delicious!

HORSE: Mmmmm tasty!

TIGER: Thank you for the lovely pumpkin!

PIG: What are sausages made from?