DRAMA: Halloween


Student 1: When witches are flying. (action: ride broomstick)
Student 2: When skeletons are chasing. (action: chase)
Student 3: When mummies are waking. (action: scary walking)
Student 4: When bats wings are flapping. (action: flap arms)
Student 5: When witches are cooking. (action: stir soup)
Student 6: When black cats are playing. (action: claw)
Student 7: When devils are laughing. (action: laugh and make horns)
Student 8: When ghosts are watching. (action: scary face)
Student 9: When monsters are booing. (action: say ‘BOO!’)
Student 10: When pumpkins are smiling (action: show pumpkin)
Student 11: When spiders are creeping. (action: spidery fingers!)
All students: It’s time for Haloweeeeeeen! (action: evil laugh! HA HA HA!)


Trick or treat!
Trick or treat!
Give me something good to eat!

Give me candy now, or I will scare you.
Ha! Ha! Ha!
and Boo! Boo! Boo!

Role Play

Student 1: Once upon a time, there lived 4 scary monsters, a witch and Mr Tom.

Student 2: They all lived together in a dark, dirty, very scary haunted house!

Student 3: We are the scariest monsters in Hong Kong!

Student 4: Let’s scare some children tonight!

Student 5: Yes, let’s go out and find some to frighten.

Student 6: I will be the scariest monster – I will make them all scream!

Student 7: No, I am the biggest and ugliest monster – I will make them jump!

Student 8: No no! I’m the tallest and smelliest monster – I will make them cry and tremble!

Student 1: All of the silly monsters started fighting.

Student 3: I think we are all very scary.

Student 4: Let’s practise being scary. [pause] BOO!

Student 5: YIKES! That was very good.

Student 6: Let me try! [pause] GGGRRRRRAAH!!

Student 7: WAA! That was horrible.

Student 8: I can’t wait to leave – let’s go now!

Student 2: Suddenly, there was a knock at the door.

Student 3: Hmmm, who could that be?

Student 4: I will get the door… [opens door]

Students 9, 10, 11: TRICK OR TREEEEEEAT!

Students 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 & 8: WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!