DRAMA: Good Hygiene


Student 1: Did you know that seven million people now live in Hong Kong?

Student 2: Really? Yet Hong Kong is such a small place!

Student 3: Yes, it is very easy to get sick if we are not careful.

Student 4: We must remember to keep clean.

Student 5: If you cough or sneeze, you should put your hand over your mouth…

Student 6: …and remember to wash your hands.

Student 7 pretends to cough everywhere without covering his/her mouth.

Everyone: AGH!

Student 8: What are you doing?

Student 7: Relax, don’t worry! I am not sick. It was just an example!

Student 9: Phew! Always keep your hands clean and ask your teacher if you need a mask.

Student 9 gives Student 7 a mask and he/she puts it on

Student 10: Yes, if you have a cold or feel sick, tell your teacher.

Student 11: We must also remember to wash our hands before we eat and when we go to the toilet.

Student 12: Then we will all stay healthy and fit.

Student 1: Here are some other ways to keep clean and healthy.

Student 2: Make sure there is fresh air in your room – open the windows.

Student 3: Always wash fruit or vegetables before you eat them.

Students show fruit and vegetable cards.

Student 4: Don’t eat food if you drop any or find some on the floor.

Student 5: It is also polite to cover your mouth when you yawn.

Student 7 yawns without covering his/her mouth.

Student 6: Hey! Was that another example?

Student 7: No, I’m actually very tired.

Student 8: Then please…


Student 9: If we remember to do these things then we will have a very clean and healthy school.

Everyone: So… Keep clean, keep safe, keep healthy!