DRAMA: A Scary Hike


Narrator 1: This is a story we have been reading in P5D. On day, Bruce and his father were very happy and decided to go to the New Territories

Bruce: Hello! We like to keep fit!

Father: Hello! Were going hiking today!

Narrator 2: The weather was sunny and warm.

Father: Lets go, son!

Narrator: Off they went to the New Territories. They were walking up and down the grassy hills.

Bruce: This is hard work! But I love it! It is wonderful to have some fresh air.

Narrator 1: Suddenly, the sky turned dark. There was a thunderstorm and it was windy too. The mountain path became wet and slippery.

Father: Oh no! What shall we do? We must be very careful as the rocks and grass will become slippery!

Narrator 2: And then Bruce tripped over a rock and slipped down a slope! His father tried to hold onto him but he slipped down too!

Bruce: AAAHHH! Oh no, help me!

Father: AAAHHH! Hold on!! Are you ok?!

Narrator 1: Both Bruce and his father were injured. They could do nothing. They sat there and waited for help. They waited for a long time but no-one passed by.

Father: Son, you have lost your glasses, and I lost my mobile phone do you have yours?

Bruce: Let me check. Ah, nNo, I lost mine too!

Narrator 2: The rain finally stopped but it was very dark. Bruce and his father had nothing to eat. They could not see anything but they heard a lot of strange noises. Bruce was frightened and could not sleep. He stayed close to his father. It was a long and scary night for Bruce.
[scary noises]

Bruce: Dad, what are all those noises? Im all wet and scared! I want to be at home.

Father: Dont worry, son, we will be ok!

Narrator 1: Suddenly Bruce saw something.

Bruce: Look dad a light!

Policeman 1: Hello? Is anybody there?

Father: YES! Come here!

Policeman 2: Hello? Where are you?

Bruce: HELP! HELP! We are over here!

Policeman 1: I cannot see where, keep shouting!

Narrator 2: They shouted and shouted until the man found them.

Father: We are here, at the bottom of the slope. Please help us!

Policeman 2: Stay calm. Were the police. Weve come to save you.

Narrator 1: The policeman took Bruce and his father to hospital. They were injured but they were safe.

Father: Bruce, you are a brave boy.

Bruce: Thanks, dad, but I dont want anything like this to happen to us again!

Father: Thank you, officers, for your help.

Policemen 1 & 2: You are welcome.

Policeman 1: Always remember to check the weather report when you go hiking!

Everyone: THE END!