DRAMA: The Gingerbread Man


Narrator: Once upon a time, an old man and an old woman lived in a cottage. They were very hungry.

Woman: I will make a gingerbread man.

Old man: Yum! I love gingerbread!

DRAMA: A Scary Hike


Narrator 1: This is a story we have been reading in P5D. On day, Bruce and his father were very happy and decided to go to the New Territories

Bruce: Hello! We like to keep fit!

Father: Hello! Were going hiking today!

DRAMA: The Giant Hot Dog


NARRATOR: Hello, here is our puppet show called The Giant Hot Dog. Once upon a time, there was a lovely cat and dog.

CAT: Hello! I love food I love to eat really bad food like french fries, burgers and hot dogs! I wish I could grow hot dogs in the garden!

DOG: You can grow hot dogs, its easy, you just put them one in the ground and it will grow bigger and bigger!

DRAMA: English Jokes


Student 1 – What happens if you dial 666?
You will get some policemen upside down!

Student 2 – What dog smells like onions?

DRAMA: English Facts


Student 1: Hello, today we will give you some facts about English. Did you know that English is the most widespread language in the world and is more widely spoken and written than any other language?

All students: WOW!

SONGS: We’re Going on a Bear Hunt

 We’re Going on a Bear Hunt

We’re going on a bear hunt. We’re going on a bear hunt
I’m not scared
I’m not scared