LESSON PACKS: Chinese New Year 2013 (Year of the Snake)

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ESL/TEFL materials for Chinese New Year of the Snake, 2013. Includes translated ‘lucky sayings’, information on the Year of the Snake, vocabulary and video links.


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Halloween lesson pack including vocabulary items, songs, tongue twisters, jazz chants, stories, a group crafts lesson where children (P2-P3) plan and make a paper plate mask and a pumpkin carving activity with worksheet (P1). Click for an accompanying role-play and song, a drama video and a Ming the Minibus story book.

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LESSON PACKS: Personification Riddles

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 Interactive description activity with group task and worksheet.

LESSON PACKS: P6 Secondary School Interview Skills

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Powerpoint includes practice questions, tips, advice, ideas and games (such as Time Bomb and Angry Birds) to prepare P6 children for their secondary school entry interviews. There is also a teacher evaluation form for mock interviews and a 12-page Portfolio/Primer for each student. The booklet includes brainstorm sheets, group tasks and lists of questions which have been asked in previous interviews. All easily editable and adaptable.

See also: ‘Aliens vs. Robots: Interview Skills Questions‘ quiz.


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Powerpoint flashcards, two stories and a game. Accompanying songs include ‘Rain, Rain, Go Away‘ and ‘Singing in the Rain‘.


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Powerpoint with flashcards, games, sounds and examples. Click here for the accompanying song, ‘Early in the Morning (Hong Kong)’ and here for ‘The Wheels on the Bus’.