BLOG: Alphablocks Online Episodes Guide & Key

Cbeebies Alphablocks is a fantastic phonics-based children’s series from the BBC. It is aimed at P1-P3 – three-to-six-year-olds and is great if accompanied with the comprehensive phonics programme also available on this site.

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All of the episodes are accessible from the interface in this link. A ‘key’ to each of the shows – detailing the themes and sounds covered – is below. It can also be downloaded as a double-sided Word Document to distribute to parents.

 “Alphablocks is a BBC series that invites you and your child to play with phonics. It is aimed at P1-P3 and its simple purpose is to entertain and show that wordplay can be a lot of fun! It is based on best-practice phonics teaching, helping young children to develop confidence and encouraging engagement with reading and making words.”

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Here is the graphical key in document form – a double-sided handout for parents…

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In creating the above key/graphics, I referred to an A4 table produced by ‘Magna’ from, kindly made available here…

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Click here for Alphablocks crafts activities from the BBC.